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Sara Siddiqui

Great retelling of a classic story. Thank you!

Love these fairytale retellings

I loved fairytales, until I had kids, and then I thought these are some dark and often problematic stories for a 3 year old. Thank goodness for this podcast, and fairytale retellings. We kids love Bearily Bear!

Best classic stories for little kids with a modern twist!

My 8-year old daughter and 3-year old son love these stories! They are fun, smart, interesting, and they help my children to relax unwind after a busy day. They can just sit back, listen and enjoy. I highly recommend them!!

Entertaining for preschoolers

My 4 year son enjoyed the stories and it was fun to hear him question how these stories differ from the original versions.

Perfect for cad rides

I found it challenging to keep kids away from digital devices during medium-long distance car rides. However, this podcast made it so much easier! I just play it and my kids (3-9yr old) enjoys listening the stories! Very entertaining to adults as well. :)

Love these!

My nieces and nephews are so engaged in these stories. Highly recommend!


What am incredible idea. Podcasts that are perfect for settling down or on-the-go that are fun, relatable, but still have a cringe-free message. You don’t have to take away some of the magic of fairy tales to relive the messages that have been problematic. These are so original that they feel like brand-new stories!

Thank you!

My 5 yr old loves it! Would love to see more stories become available :)

Great Retellings

A great way to reimagine fairytales. Both my kids love them!

Life lessons with pure enjoyment.

I was fortunate enough to read many of these stories before they became podcasts. From the first moment I read them I knew this was different. I am excited for my boys to hear these stories and for parents worldwide to use these stories to teach their kids how to be smarter or empathetic humans. Definitely subscribe.


So creative, thoughtful and well done! Love these updated classics!