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The soundtrack of an epic childhood

Diverse characters, strong female leads, empowering messages and FUN stories. The stories our little world changers wanna hear and messages we mom love to play.

Keep ‘em coming!

My daughter and I listen to these every night, over and over. We love them and can’t wait for more!

On repeat

My daughter (and I) have listened to these stories over and over. Wish there were more.

So sweet and refreshing

Love listening with my kids!

A must for kids

My girls loved listening to these stories! They finished the entire series in 2 days and can’t wait to hear more! I loved the twists to fairy tales I grew up reading. And can’t wait to hear what they will bring next :)

The messages we want to send our little girls

Most fairy tales and even old Disney are so cringeworthy, I can’t expose my daughters to them, but these episodes bring all the fun of the fairytales with a modern message you’d actually want your kids to hear - amazing!

Love it.

My kids, especially my daughter, just love these stories. Entertaining and each has a good lesson.

Love this!!

What a wonderful way to enjoy classic stories with a fresh take! My 6 year old niece loves this!! Looking forward to more soon!

fairy tales that don’t make me cringe

Miral and the team are inspiring and shaping a generation of young minds with positive female role models. My daughter loves that princesses need to be smart and love to read!

Perfect podcast for my little ones!

My whole family and I love these stories. They’re a staple for us in the car or while hanging out at home as an alternative to screens. They’re the perfect length and the content makes me so proud since so much of stuff for kids is antiquated. The production quality is fantastic too! My toddler daughter always requests these and I have to admit I get so excited when I see another one on my feed. More please!

A refreshing stance on fairy tales

Absolute some thumbs up for this amazing way of displaying fairytale stories in a modern way. We absolutely love it and I think it’s important to teach our kids the damsels in distress do not need to be rescued by a prince. Can highly recommend!!

No more damsels in distress for my boys!

My sons adore these stories, especially The Three Little Pigs. I love that they allow my boys to enjoy these classic tales in an authentic way but with a modern angle that doesn’t relegate the princesses to helpless damsels that need men to save them!


I love these, my kids love these, what a gift for families!! <3

So glad I found these!!

Thrilled to share these thoughtfully reimagined fairy tales with my daughter. Damsels-in-distress no more!

Once upon a time… Without the stereotypes! Truly Brilliant!

I never read the classic fairytales to my children as there are so many stereotypes and incorrect messages that are imbedded in them. This collection of reimagined classic fairytales are just brilliant! I can safely let my children listen to these without worrying about the messages that they will imply. Really well done! Can’t wait for more ❤️

Daughter loves these!

My daughter loves these stories! She went from “What’s a podcast?” to asking to listen over and over. She loves the princesses and I love the emphasis on books, reading, and female empowerment. Win-win.

Love this new Red Riding Hood!

The modern retelling is excellent and relevant in today's world for any young children to listen to. Beautifully produced and executed. Brilliant to reinterpret this classic stories many of us grew up with. Highly recommend!

Love these

We love listening to these stories including my 3 year old and even my 1 year old! Thank you!

A “must-listen” for kids

My 4 year old’s ride to school is about an hour every morning and he loves, loves, loves these podcasts, often asking to listen to the stories more than once. I love that he stays entertained and uses his imagination (and not a screen!). The stories are terrific!

New bedtime listening favorite!

Love the positive empowering messages for girls and boys! Perfect length for too.

Great Family Activity!

I recently listened to the modern retell of Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel….they are fabulously done…finally an update on an old classic that now makes sense for a modern age…these are great for car trips and when getting ready for bedtime. Perfect for very little kids all the way up to teens. I love them! These are brilliantly told!


My 5 year old loves the stories and has so many great questions after listening. Love this idea and the retellings!

Family Favorite

My three children love listening to these stories while they get ready for bed… and I love the messages and morals. We can’t wait for more of these modern tales!

Much needed retake on classic fairytales

My children and I have loved listening to these reimagined classics together. No longer is the female character in need of saving by the male protagonist. She is the heroine of her own story, as she should have been all along.

Girls are hero’s too

I love that perspective. Girl uses brain instead of girl as victim. Excellent retelling


My children were never been exposed to traditional fairytales until they were old enough to have critical discussions around the issues that come up in those stories, particularly around female roles. Each story is so beautifully revised. The narrations are very well done. My kids really enjoyed them.

Empowering stories

For little girls (and other kids) learning how to step into the magic of their power and the power of their magic. (Then they grow up to become Brave Sisses!) Rozie Kennedy, creator Brave Sis Project


They’re very engaging, easy to listen to and kept my daughter engaged enough to get her off Disney+. Part of our new bedtime routine!

Great Stories

I have two daughters and these stories are great! Young girls need to listen to stories about strong females. Thank you!

So fun to listen to!

Love listening to the stories with my daughters but also make a point to listen with my son. They are perfect for car rides, esp.