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Capture Your Family's Imagination With Bearily Bear 

Bearily Bear isn’t your traditional teddy bear. This unique bear sparks thought and imagination through the art of storytelling. You and your little ones will love letting your imaginations run wild. Our extensive library of modern-day audio stories are filled with diverse characters that solve real world problems without introducing additional screen time.

Why Bearily Bear?

Because bedtime is better with story time and cuddles!

Tell me more!

Bearily Bear’s stories build curiosity, vocabulary, listening skills, and basic yet important stories about growing up. And it’s your teddy bear.

Trying to Minimize Screen Time?

We’re on the same page! Bearily Bear stories are in an audible format. That’s right, this fun lovable teddy bear is all about connecting you and your family without the distraction of a screen.

What Else?!

Look at this cute, connected bear and listen to the first story, A Smart Princess and a Certain Pea below.

This bear teaches with stories, expands and enriches imagination, teaches listening skills and comes with a certificate of adoption so that you can name, personalize and introduce Bearily Bear to your family.

Meet Bearily Bear

Bearily Bear is your child’s new friend that enriches your child’s imagination while providing comfort and stability. 

Bearily Bear is a soft and cuddly plush teddy bear with a built-in, portable, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker and sound machine. 

Bearily Bear is designed to stream Bearily Bear’s own library of audio stories that are reimagined childhood classics. Each story contains multicultural characters and features modern-day storylines. 

Did we mention that Bearily Bear makes bedtime a breeze for parents and children.

Bearily Bear is the perfect companion for any child! 

About the Founder: Miral Sattar

Miral Sattar is a busy mother of two in NYC. When Miral needed a way to make bedtime an enjoyable experience for her family where everyone could settle own and expand their imagination, Bearily Bear was born. At Miral’s house Bearily Bear loves reading stories to her kids, accompanying them to playdates and museumsgoing to the park and helping them sleep through the night!

Miral has been working in media for over 15 years. Miral has seen firsthand how stories and digital initiatives can impact children and their imaginations. She and her writing have been featured in TIME, BBC, FORTUNE, CNN, NY TIMES, among other media publications.

Listen to your First Story for FREE

The Bearily Bear Library of Audio Stories

Get ready to cultivate your child's imagination by listening to the the Bearily Bear library of audio stories.

These reimagined childhood classics are free of violence and feature diverse and confident characters. 

The Bearily Bear library of stories encourage children of all ages to sit back, listen and be entertained screen free.

Bearily Bear stories will be available for subscription.

Bearily Bear’s library of audio stories includes reimagined adventures such as A Story of a Smart Princess and a Certain Pea, Gretel and Hansel and more. 

Sample a Bearily Bear Audio Story above. 

For learn more about access to the entire Bearily Bear library of stories, our Kickstarter Campaign and other news and events, sign up for our mailing list above.

Why Kids Love Bearily Bear

"My daughter wanted to take the bear everywhere! Long drives are so much better!" - Kate

"I love how Bearily Bear lets us all spend quality time as a family at the end of the day." -Gregory